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The Current State of Social Networks – Infographic Monday

 Hellow dear readers! This is our third release of the great section Infographic Monday On this week we got the current state of social networks. This infographic anwser questions like Wich network has the highest proportion of young people? Smart People and Rich people? Find this info about your loved social networks and figure out how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

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Tweet Topic Explorer: a map for the most common words used in your tweets

If you could see your twitter lifetime timeline and make a graphic with the most frequently used words.. what do you think is the most named word on your timeline?! well I have an answer for you! Come and find it out!!

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Happy Birthday Twitter!

Hellow Dear Readers! We are glad to hear that today is the 5° Twitter birthday! Yippiee !! A great tool that is working on the internet, that has help people to fight against their tyrant governments, aid in emergency cases like what is happening in Japan and just to follow and know what our favorites artists, politicians and ONG are doing all around the globe! We have a little about the twitter story and some cool facts about this incredible social network!

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