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Cartoons as Art Masterpieces

Hellow Fellow readers! Do you ever wondered what would have happened if the most greatest artist of all times like Dali, Da Vinci or Van Gogh painted cartoons instead of people? Find out some examples of it on this post!

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The Simpson’s Real House

We are not obsess with the Simpsons, is a coincidence that just a week ago we have made the post about the Apus Real Kwik-E-Mart , and if you enjoy it, we have a very big deal this time.. The Simpson’s Family House! A real one.. with the same colors, rooms and details!! We have pics ! Check them out!

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Apus Real Kwik-E-Mart

kwik e martWho said that the cartoons are not real? Of course they are, if not go and talk to Apu about that! The Famous Simpson’s Market is here.. ! Its a real shop on California ! Check some pictures of it!

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