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A look inside the Dead Space 2 (Game Review)

Hellow Fellaws! Our test team has made an analysis about the single player campaign of Dead Space 2 game, if you have any question about the Dead Space franchise (games, movies, etc) feel free to do so and post it on the comments! We hope that you enjoy the first review that we post OnThatPage! Have fun !

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Something that a CoD: Modern Warfare Fan must see! (Find Makarov)

Hellow Fellows! Last friday a web site appears with some things related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise stuff on it, specially a time counter that was going to end today. So, what was this all about? a new Modern Warfare on the horizon? or some new stuff? Find it in here soldier!

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First In-Game Skyrim Footage Revealed (via Bits ‘n’ Bytes)

Ingame fotage of the new Elder Scroll game has been release!, read this article made by the people of Bits ‘n’ Bytes about the incoming game.. Skyrim..!! There is nothing better than Dragons and Vikings !! We will hope that the 11/11/11 comes fast enough ! Enjoy the video!


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