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Some ways you can help Japan… Prayer is not Enough!


Hellow Dear followers! The main goal of this post is to keep people informed about some different ways to help the Japanese people, as Shirley Ayorkor Botwe from Ghana said “Prayer is not enough”. If you are in Japan or not, that doesn’t matter, you can make something small but that will help to the rescue and rebuild of this great country! More sooner than later.. the Japanese people will overcome this dawn and rise as the sun always does…. on the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

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Japanese Emergency Alert System, How does it works?

Hellow Fellow readers! With the recent japanese disaster, there are tons of videos and pictures about how the nippon country is confronting this horrible crisis. But some maybe ask themselves, how all this Live information and videos when the events were happening were record? the japanese aren’t afraid of their lives and stop to get a movie about the earthquake or tsunami? Well this is part of the answer and a well design system to save the people’s life with the in time warning information about an imminent disaster.

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