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Celebrating 50 years of the creation of the LED

Hellow Fellow Readers !! WOW it’s been really a while since we write a new post for you guyz. It always good to be back and specially when there is a celebration of 50 years of something, this time its about the invention of the LED. Do you know what it is? if not don´t worry and enjoy the ride.

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Protect your personal data in case your BlackBerry smart phone is stolen

Hellow dear readers! There is an App design for protecting your mobile phone from personal data theft, phone numbers, photos or information storage on the SD card of your phone. The app let you find your mobile phone, make it ring louder, erase all the data from it and many more features.. find it out and be prepared in case of theft. Continue reading

Amazing Rubik’s Cube in your Internet Browser

Hellow Folks! We present you an experiment made by a friend of us, Alonzo Lamas, that has been working on some programming with CSS3  for HTLM5, and made a quite fun browser development with the Rubik Cube, check what this is all about!

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Proteje tus datos personales en caso de robo de tu telefono BlackBerry

Hellow queridos lectores, este post está hecho en español por considerar la problematica que existe en Venezuela en cuanto al hurto de teléfonos celulares, y muy especialmente los dispositivos BlackBerry. Para que protejas tu equipo de posible robo de datos personales, bien sea números telefónicos, fotos o información contenida en la tarjeta de memoria, les presentamos una aplicación desarrollada por los mismos fabricantes de BlackBerry para proteger esa información, además de poder localizar donde se encuentra tu teléfono en cualquier momento.

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What is “The Fun Theory” ?!

Hellow Fellow Readers! Are you pissed of when you see people behaving the wrong way? submerging the place where you live in a state of anarchy? This is a good way to change that.. to push the people into making the things better for the community.. and the best of all.. it is FUN! Come and see what are we talking about!

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Happy Birthday Twitter!

Hellow Dear Readers! We are glad to hear that today is the 5° Twitter birthday! Yippiee !! A great tool that is working on the internet, that has help people to fight against their tyrant governments, aid in emergency cases like what is happening in Japan and just to follow and know what our favorites artists, politicians and ONG are doing all around the globe! We have a little about the twitter story and some cool facts about this incredible social network!

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Basics about Geiger Counters and watch one live from Tokyo *Updated*


Hellow Fellow readers.. due to the radioactive Hazard on Japan some people on the nippon country are placing Geiger counters and putting them online live.. check some of them and learn some basics about Geiger Counters!

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Japanese Emergency Alert System, How does it works?

Hellow Fellow readers! With the recent japanese disaster, there are tons of videos and pictures about how the nippon country is confronting this horrible crisis. But some maybe ask themselves, how all this Live information and videos when the events were happening were record? the japanese aren’t afraid of their lives and stop to get a movie about the earthquake or tsunami? Well this is part of the answer and a well design system to save the people’s life with the in time warning information about an imminent disaster.

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