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Celebrating 50 years of the creation of the LED

Hellow Fellow Readers !! WOW it’s been really a while since we write a new post for you guyz. It always good to be back and specially when there is a celebration of 50 years of something, this time its about the invention of the LED. Do you know what it is? if not don´t worry and enjoy the ride.

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Protect your personal data in case your BlackBerry smart phone is stolen

Hellow dear readers! There is an App design for protecting your mobile phone from personal data theft, phone numbers, photos or information storage on the SD card of your phone. The app let you find your mobile phone, make it ring louder, erase all the data from it and many more features.. find it out and be prepared in case of theft. Continue reading

Amazing bird robot takes flight!

Hellow fellow readers! Do you ever dreamed with the “Speed Racer” spy bird? well that dream is about to become truth! This article will be related to some cool robots that resemble the mother nature!

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ÜberSocial is the only app for blackberry out there? The answer is NO!

When ÜberTwitter was out you were desperate to use a new Twitter App? well besides that now ÜberSocial is back, maybe it’s a good moment to try other clients, you never know when you need it again! We have tested 5 other applications and bring a balance of “The Good” and “The Bad” for each one of them.

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