The Current State of Social Networks – Infographic Monday

 Hellow dear readers! This is our third release of the great section Infographic Monday On this week we got the current state of social networks. This infographic anwser questions like Wich network has the highest proportion of young people? Smart People and Rich people? Find this info about your loved social networks and figure out how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

This chart brings very detailled information about cool facts from the most popular social networks around the internet.  It is presented in a very simple and graphic way, just an eyecandy! but enough talk.. and get the info by yourself!

Social Networks facts and statistics


Did ya love this Infographic ?! Stay tune the next monday for a new one and dont forget to watch those that we brought to you in the past! Give us your Google +1 if you like it!!! Follow us on [Twitter] or [Facebook]  and keep track on our news!

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