The Zerg Swarm is approaching!

Hellow Fellow readers! we have some great news today from the gaming world, it is some official information about the first Starcraft II expansion, the Hearth of the Swarm featuring Kerrigan. We have collected a couple of video for you about what this is all about, the teaser trailer and a gameplay trailer. Enjoy them! This post will be updated with cool and new info about the game from time to time so keep an eye on it!

The first video is the teaser trailer, that was leaked into YouTube in the past week and we show you through our Twitter and Facebook sites, now is official from Blizzard (and in better quality). Click play and enjoy it.

Quite fun right? it should be cool to watch a direct conflict between Nova and Kerrigan!. The next video is a gameplay, you can see some stuff from only the Single Player campaign, like the evolution chamber, and in a light way, how the Hyperion counter part will be used in here.

The next one is an interview that the people of, they sat down with the Blizzard Entertainment staff for an hour-long interview about the upcoming expansion, Heart of the Swarm. The interview reveals interesting points about the beginning of Heart of the Swarm, and StarCraft in general


We have cool new videos for you!! Thanks to the friends of [] for published them ! enjoy! real Gameplay


This is all that we have until now, any other information that we found will be posted here, keep an eye on the Twitter or Facebook for the announcement of the updates! Good bye and have fun!

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6 responses to “The Zerg Swarm is approaching!

  • Yaox

    Around July 2012… you’ll see.

  • ziljad

    wtf is she zerg? is she human? is she both?….

  • ziljad

    i dont understand is she with zerg? being human with the zerg?

    • OnThatPage

      It looks like that she doesn’t has direct control over them at the begining.

      From the teaser, she put on a ghost suit, and probably she escaped the Hyperion to char, and went with somekind of old zerg friends (Izsha, a creature where she stored her thoughts and plans, now serves as an advisor and a source of information to Sarah Kerrigan, and Abathur, a DNA creature expert that is there to build new zergs) that serve as some sort of goverment administration and interprete just to let the zergs lesser creatures know who is in charge, now she is trying to reunite the broods somehow, and she is using this guys as somekind of interpreter.

      There is a mutiny from another zerg queen just to take control of the swarm, but i think the details of how kerrigan is working with the zergs again will be shown on the Blizzcon but that is my opinion on how she will do it.

      That is MY OPINION nothing else, im just putting all the pieces together from what we have until now

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