Amazing Rubik’s Cube in your Internet Browser

Hellow Folks! We present you an experiment made by a friend of us, Alonzo Lamas, that has been working on some programming with CSS3  for HTLM5, and made a quite fun browser development with the Rubik Cube, check what this is all about!

The Rubik’s experiment is project current developed by Alonso Lamas, owner of Abstract Cube Blog, he is an IT engineer and dreamer who, having some fun with the new web standards like CSS3 and HTML5 decided to create a 3D form of one of his favorite games as a child, just using 3D style transformations and Coordinate System positions on the browser.  Currently it only works on Safari browser, but will be soon available for Firefox and Chrome.

Do you want to see it in action?! check this out then !!

If you want to try it, first you need Safari browser on your computer, well download it from here: Safari Browser Download

Go to CSS3 Rubik’s Experiment to try it out !

Support this development!.. do you think you can contribute with Mr Lamas?! contact him on his blog! Work together, make better and quite fun new thins ! Thanks for watching us !

Sources: CSS3 Rubik’s Experiment, Abstract Cube


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