The Hobbit is on production!

Hellow Dear Fellow Readers! We got a video showing Peter Jackson on the very set of The Hobbit.. ! just.. just..   watch it! It is amazing !!! Satisfaction guarantee

This is the very first advance on the production of the long waited movie from Peter Jackson since its spectacular movies of Lord of the Rings!! watch this 10 min drive through the process of making the 2 movies of The Hobbit

Click here if you can’t see the video

Nice isn’t it? Good looking first steps and a very big quest they’ve got there!

Now there is some cool good news this week about some new cast members.. first of all.. Legolas is BACK ! Orlando Bloom has joined the team for the movie! No more than Peter Jackson made the announcement on his Facebook account.. that is quite nice! “They are taking the hobbits to Isengard!” jejejeje

The other news is that Ian McKellen said that the other cast member is …  ..  ..  Benedict Cumberbatch ! Do you know the great-amazing-outstanding Sherlock Series?! (if no go and watch it!) well this guy is Sherlock on the series, and Bilbo portraits Watson.. so they are back together there are only rumors about what Cumberbatch is playing, but McKellen (Gandalf) said that his screen-test was electrifying !

Tell us your opinion about this great advance of the incoming 2 sequel movies about the journeys There and Back Again of Bilbo Baggins?

We will keep updating any information we got about The Hobbit!


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