Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Hobbit is on production!

Hellow Dear Fellow Readers! We got a video showing Peter Jackson on the very set of The Hobbit.. ! just.. just..   watch it! It is amazing !!! Satisfaction guarantee

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Angry Rebels Scum !

Hellow dear Fellows! i bet that do you know about the Angry Birds… but what if we make it a twist and mix it with Star Wars?! This is the result of that experiment.. enjoy!!

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Hellow Folks!  This time we bring to you an Academy award-winning on 2010, for the Best Animated Short Film.. it’s about Logorama, a nation that is built with the Logos and trademarks that we all know.. Watch the full video just one click ahead!

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Polo Flair Commemoration !!!

Hellow Folks.. Im MR T and if you dont get the tittle of the post, …     YOU FOOOL! well is related to April’s Fool day!

April Fools Day is right here, which means you’re probably looking for that perfect April Fools Day prank or LOLing at one you just made. Here are some of the coolest, best April Fools Day pranks that have ever gone down.

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