Basics about Geiger Counters and watch one live from Tokyo *Updated*


Hellow Fellow readers.. due to the radioactive Hazard on Japan some people on the nippon country are placing Geiger counters and putting them online live.. check some of them and learn some basics about Geiger Counters!

Here you have the link to the real live stream of a Geiger counter on Tokyo, click on the image to get directed to the live stream. *THE LIVE STREAM COULD BE DOWN DUE TO EXCESIVE TRAFFIC* We got a new one that is operational now.. let’s hope it will keep that way

But.. we should know some basic information about the Geiger counters, how they work and the radiation levels, this is an excellent video that demonstrate that.. a living member of the Geiger Family (some relative to the great scientist Hans Geiger) was on the class.


A good demonstration of the basics of Geiger counter


Of course they get some CPM when pointing the Geiger Counter to the radioactive compounds, the problem is when you get lots of CPM on the air pointing to nothing if you get big levels of it is because you are being bombarded by some radiation particles. A very good video with excellent demonstration just to know some basics about how a Geiger Counter works.

Other thing for consideration is a chart with the CPM over time on Tokyo

The first chart correspond to the levels registere in the past hours.. the chart is constantly updating.. bellow this one is the Reference Chart. Notice that the average level has rise up a little from the reference one.. if you analyse this charts, you will notice a line that is marking the average measure just in the midle of the readings.

As you can see there is an OBVIOUS increase of CMP counts on March compared to the december levels.


Here is other chart of CPM from Meguro-ku, a ward in Tokyo, its been refreshed constantly so you can see the live values of CPM’s there, don’t forget to check the link to the left of the chart, where you can see highest levels registered on March 15.



You should have some things to consider:

  • Normal range is usually under 60 CPM. Over 130 is not good.
  • 100 CPM is aproximate equivalent to (0.000001) Sievert = (0.001) Rem
  • The dangerous level recorded at one of the reactors this morning was 400 microsieverts (40000 CPM)

Find out more about the Ionizing Radiation Units in this Wikipedia link

This is a chart represent the Biological Effects of Radiation, is taken from this great [Boingboing] article, feel free to go there if you want to have more information about this.

We got a new chart from [] to illustrate the levels of radiation related to some common activities like taking a X-Ray exam, an airplane flight, etcetc.. Enjoy..



In fact all of this talk about Geiger counter, and the sound they make reminds me to the best MIT Ph.D Scientist of Video Games

Ph.D Gordon Freeman (and his crowbar!)

We hope that the Japanese people will overcome this terrible crisis, stay tuned for the next post and on twitter about some ways that you can help with Japan.. ! Pray for Japan.. but that is not enough!


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Thanks for watching and for your suport!

All the information were taken from:

[] [] [] [ (Biological Effects)]


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