The Most Typical Person on the Planet

Do you want to know what’s the most  common and “typical” human face on the surface of the planet? do you want to guess if you are one of them?! Come and find it out! Maybe you, some guy at a nerbie store, the neibourg or one of your friends looks like him/her!

The people of National Geographic has made this awesome video about the most typical man on earth, check it out ! Its very curious and fun!


Amazing don’t you think ?! they have taken average measure of statistics about qualities like if the people is right-handed or left-handed, average money income,  and that kind of stuff.


The result of the most typical man on earth is the guy on the photo, but..  how this was made?! The researchers got to the conclusion that the most typical man on the planet is a 28-year old Han Chinese male was made for National Geographic by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, which had collected the photos over the course of ten years from several national  technology research programs. Digital artist Joe Lertola of Bryan Christie Design re-created the photo for the poster using 7.000 human figures.

Déjà vu but he looks totally like friends of mine… Damm he is so popular!

But beware people of China you will lose the fame in the coming years, the guys from India will come for you !!!

Source: [National Geographic Magazine]


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