ÜberSocial is the only app for blackberry out there? The answer is NO!

When ÜberTwitter was out you were desperate to use a new Twitter App? well besides that now ÜberSocial is back, maybe it’s a good moment to try other clients, you never know when you need it again! We have tested 5 other applications and bring a balance of “The Good” and “The Bad” for each one of them.

With the Übertwitter crisis last week.. a lot of people asked themselves “What im gonna use now on my Blackberry?!”  Besides that now it came back with a new name ÜberSocial, we have test some of the other available clients for twitter and this is the results that we got about it, this analisis came thanks to our firts collaborator.. anitagreen:

1) –> Seesmic

It started as something like Twitter Video thing on a blog, and then become a group of social app for multiple platforms (pc and mobiles). Now we analyse the twitter application for Blackberry only.

The Good

  • When clicking on a tweet, shows more details on that particular tweet, including a mini profile of the sender and the service that was used.
  • Comes with “Reply to all” option.
  • Has shorter URL option.
  • Quote option available (editable Retweet)

The Bad

  • Doesn’t show what service was used to send a tweet in the timeline.
  • Doesn’t has quick action buttons on the upper side of the screen.
  • No reply’s or direct messages on the timeline, to get access to them you have to go the menu and enter in a specific area for them

Download it for BB on [Seesmic website]

2)–> Openbeak

It’s the evolution of the old Twitterberry, but they have change to OpenBeak just to extend the application to other platforms and not only be exclusive for blackberry.

The Good

  • Very simple visual looking and very light.
  • Simply to customize with the average settings interface.

The Bad

  • Slow when scrolling the tweets.
  • Can’t click inside the tweets to get more info about it.
  • Doesn’t has quick action buttons on the upper side of the screen.

Download it for BB on [Openbeak website]

3)–> Official Twitter for Blackberry

This is the Official Twitter app for Blackberry, made by RIM, its like having the twitter website on the pc, so don’t expect too much innovation on this.

The Good

  • Cool profile info when clicking an author of a tweet

The Bad

  • A little slow on loading different applications options.
  • Can´t change the font size.

It probably is already downloaded on your Blackberry phone (Its automatic and dictatorial impose).

4)–> SocialScope

SocialScope is a multiplatform app that is a very good and strong app on the market, it started on 2008 but they have made a light and confortable social network application.

The Good

  • Excellent visual animations, style and size of the tweets and is not heavy for using it.
  • Can integrate more than one social network in the same timeline (Facebook, Flickr and Foursquare)
  • Easy and fast to travel around.
  • Makes a subtle highlights on direct messages and mentions from the rest of the tweets.

The Bad

  • The picture preview is a little small
  • You need to create a SocialScope account that is linked with the social network account that you desire to receive the updates.

Download it on [SocialScope website]

5)–> Twitxtreme

It’s a very cool and light application, all that you need on twitter without fancy stuff, and it’s a visual marvelous !

The Good

  • Clean and good-looking interface, with cool extended tweet info display.
  • Fast timeline scrolling.
  • Top bar showing the number of newest tweet, when you click on it, it redirects you to the start of the new tweet.

The Bad

  • No “Reply to all” option
  • Very small settings options, can’t set the refresh time for example.

Download it on [Twitxtreme website]

Results and Conclusions

If you are a casual twitter user, just to watch some news and some things that your friends and artists are saying or doing, we recommend to you the Twixtreme, it’s very light, very simple and with a great looking, but lacks on some options that a hardcore twitter user would like to use, somebody that constants make reply, direct messages, etc.

For more hardcore users, the option that we recommend is Socialscope, it’s a very good-looking app, with a excellent performance, runs smooth, and make most of the hardcore users will be glad to have. The visual interface is a great upgrade for the one ÜberSocial has, and none of the applications that we presented before have publicity mixed with your tweets.

Check them out.. maybe is a good moment for a change, and if you don’t like it, you can return to ÜberSocial. Don’t say no if you haven’t test it, maybe you will find a better application just suited for your needs.

Thanks to anitagreen for the information and dedication with making this post! and wait more for her really soon!


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