Something that a CoD: Modern Warfare Fan must see! (Find Makarov)

Hellow Fellows! Last friday a web site appears with some things related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise stuff on it, specially a time counter that was going to end today. So, what was this all about? a new Modern Warfare on the horizon? or some new stuff? Find it in here soldier!

A lot of people speculate about the incoming of Modern Warfare 3, but (sadly) Activition said that was a lie, and they don’t own the web site and are not related to them.

They have made a military ID that belongs to Lt. General Shepherd and information, blood spills and some info about the web site This was delivered to some web pages and media to get publicity, and that does it ver well !! I want one of them !

In fact.. the mystery is now revealed !

The truth is that a small studio on Toronto named “We Can Pretend”, has made a trailer for an incoming low-budget movie about Modern Warfare franchise, the countdown was leading to the trailer of the incoming movie.. but wait.. if you haven´t played any of the games (Modern Warfare 1 or 2), the trailer has LOTS and very IMPORTANT SPOILERS ! discretion advice !



It’s really a VERY good live adaptation of the game.. same shots, same ambience.. very very good move from this guyz of We Can Pretend.. thumbs up for this ! btw.. should be nice to see “No Russian” or the very first mission of MW1 or Soap and Roach climbing on the ice! We hope that they get the full movie made!!

We will like to hear your comments and impressions about this trailers ! What do you think?


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