Lego Star Wars guys making normal life activities

This is what happend when Lego Star Wars meet common life activities like walking the wookie, making a nice BBQ, some street art and even having a bad day with a girl.. check this great advertizing for Lego Star Wars overall merchandise.


Dear readers.. the publicity school Escuola Cuca on Sao Paulo, Brazil made this great Lego Star Wars adds, under the direction of Diego Mourão, Gustavo Dorietto and the copywrite of Lucas Mohallem. They are simply quite funny.. we hope that you will enjoy them!

You will pay for this Rebel Scum !

Indeed the BBQ are powerful !

That Fuzzball took my girl :( !!

Oh oh.. I have a bad feeling about this !

Go and get it Chewiie !!!


We will bring you more Lego amazing things in the near future.. and of course about cool Star Wars stuff too !  just “Patience my young padawan!”

For more information about the publicity school visit [Escolacuca website]

All the image belongs to them.


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