First In-Game Skyrim Footage Revealed (via Bits ‘n’ Bytes)

Ingame fotage of the new Elder Scroll game has been release!, read this article made by the people of Bits ‘n’ Bytes about the incoming game.. Skyrim..!! There is nothing better than Dragons and Vikings !! We will hope that the 11/11/11 comes fast enough ! Enjoy the video!


This is the original post from Bits ‘n’ Bytes:

There is One They Fear

I dare not try and imagine the sound of the collective orgasming of the Elder Scrolls fanbase at the announcement of Skyrim in December. Oh god, the horror. But, their reaction was not surprising. After nearly a five year wait, how anyone could reasonably contain themselves when the first notes of the Elder Scrolls melody played is beyond me.
Though December’s teaser was a godsend in itself, as YouTube animationist Harry Partridge eloquently put it, it was “just some old guy doing a voiceover”. Yesterday, however, the same fanatical excitement was once again baited when Bethesda revealed a countdown timer on their website slowly ticking down to the first official showing of in-game footage. They even gave us a new wallpaper. They’re so nice!
Said timer has reached zero. Without any further ado, dearest ladies and gentlemen of Tamriel, I present to you the first glimpse of Skyrim. Have a fresh pair of underwear ready:
Excuse me while I reattach my jaw. 11 November can’t come any sooner.

via Bits ‘n’ Bytes: Video Games News, Reviews, Previews, Editorials & More!


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