The Simpson’s Real House

We are not obsess with the Simpsons, is a coincidence that just a week ago we have made the post about the Apus Real Kwik-E-Mart , and if you enjoy it, we have a very big deal this time.. The Simpson’s Family House! A real one.. with the same colors, rooms and details!! We have pics ! Check them out!

There is an accurate Simpson’s house replica that was built on 1997 on Henderson, Nevada, for a contest that the winner was Barbara Howard. As you can see on the pictures, most of the details of the animated series are in there just to be acurate. Its impresive !!

Outside of the house.

Backyard with a grill.

The Stairs. Awww look at all the family portraits.

The Famous couch with the sailboat and the phone and the same almp.

And Matt groening tags the house!

But you will probabbly ask yourself if the house is still the same today that it use to be on 1997, well sadly no, it has been converted back to a standar residence. Thats’s a shame !!!!! This people really don’t think on tourism !

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