World of Warcraft and other PC Games goes Mobile!

Pocket Pc

Do you want to play World of Warcraft or Dragon Age for example on a long train, metro or bus trip, but your laptop is too big for it? This concept  made by the people of Razer will blow your mind!

The people of Razer has developed a concept design of something very similar of a Nintendo DS specially for pc games, it’s name is Switchblade. It is like a netbook specially for gaming, and with 2 cool features that makes it unique. First of all has a multi-touch screen and a keyboard that is adaptable to the needs of the game.

How a keyboard is adaptable? Easy, just put transparent keys over a LCD panel, and the keys will display the icons, numbers, letters, arrows etc, and can change dynamically as you like and depends on the game.

For example, you are playing a Shaman on World of Warcraft, when you are making some tourism over Azeroth the keyboard will show the arrows, and some icon of the spellbar or the inventory, but hey! you´ve got a wisp from the guildmaster because he wants you to join a Raid to go and kill Cho’gall and they need another healer. How do you say yes if you have all your small keyboard filled with icons and arrows? easy.. switch to a Letter keyboard, press R and answered the call ! The next video will clear your mind a bit more:

Really cool don’t ya think ?!

It will have WiFi and 3G connection, mini HDMI interface, USB 3.0 and mic/headphones jacks. You can use a mouse with it on the USB 3.0 interface, because it will be suited for all type of games as it´s developer says, but obviously best suited for some genres in specific. A First Person Shooter is not very attractive to be played on this on our opinion, just because it’s a very tiny screen and you have to carry the mouse, it’s a possibility of course, but we think that the design is best suited for Real Time Strategy or RPG, MMOs.

We think that this concept is a very very Blizzard focus project (just watch the WoW gameplay or Warcraft III gameplay on the demo) because is specially well design for Real Time Strategy games (Starcraft I or II, Warcraft III for example), MMO (obviously World of Warcraft), and will be well suited for Role Playing Games like the long waited Diablo III and Dragon Age will be an excellent choice for this too for example.

Lets hope that the people of Razer will continue to the development of this device, was one of Best of CES on this year, we will hope to get to the stores in a not far away future.

For more information about this prototype visit [Razer Switchblade website]


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