10 Cool Valentine’s geek gifts

Heart Love

Love is in the air!

Hellow Guyz !!

As you know, today is Valentine´s day! a day of love, friendship and boys gives presents to their girls and girls do the same with they loved boys. Well if you are someone who has a boy/girl that is a proud geek, and don’t know what to give to him/her, here we have a list of cool stuff that you can make as a present on this lovely day.

1) –> The Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens mugsIt’s clearly a camera lens, but, it’s a Mug, you can drink coffee from it!  Any of the 2 models available has great detail on its presentation, looks kind a unique if you go to the office with that lens-mug thing.

If your lover likes photography and coffee don’t miss this opportunity to give this awesome gift to him/her.

Price: 24-30$

[Buy it at: Photojojo.com]

2) –> 8-Bits flower bouquet!

8 Bit flower bouqueteThis is a great great gift for this day, it’s a bouquet that doesn’t need watering and always looks good! It’s an excellent choice for a cool different gift and for a cool different person.

Price: 14.99 $

[Buy it at: Thinkgeek.com]

3) –> One Ring to love them all !

The one ring made of gold

This is the Officially Licensed Lord of the Rings One Ring, 24k Gold Plated bronze ring, with removable gold-plated chain and includes a certificate of authenticity. It’s a great value gift for Valentine’s day.

Price:  49.95$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]


4) –> Wall-e <3 EvE

Did you loved Wall-e movie?! if so.. this are 2 figures of that little funny robots, that made the impossible to be together and experience love in their own way:

Wall-e for Him

Wall-e for Him

Waa.. waaaAAAleeeeEEE

Price: 14$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

Eve for Her

Eve for Her

EEEEeevee  EEeeeveee

Price: 29.99$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

5) –> T-Shirts

T-shirts makes geeks proud, its like on the Fight Club movie, nobody says nothing, but everybody from the club knows when they see you that you are in the fight club. Almost nobody knows what the most of the geek t-shirts are related to, but only the geeks knows and have fun with them. Here we presents you some great ones for Valentine’s day:

For Him

The Hangover

Carlos from The Hangover t-shirt

Remember The Hangover Movie? the One Man Wolf Pack? this is the baby from that one.. cool choice

Price: 20$

[Buy it at: Gifts.com]

Mark IX

Ironman T Shirt

This may look like a standard t-shirt, but it’s actually the Iron Man Mark IX suit. This latest version is much lighter than all previous versions, featuring a flexible interior with knitted cotton exterior. Unlike the Extremis version, the movement with your body does not require you to inject carbon nanotubes into your brain. The chest-mounted uni-beam is powered by photons, which it collects and then disperses when the wearer enters a dark area. For all body parts covered by the Mark IX’s new form factor, the suit provides protection from adverse weather conditions, UV rays, and temperature extremes. It is designed for up to two days of use inside Earth’s atmosphere, although after the first 12 hours of use its effectiveness is reduced. After 24 hours, it begins to act as a repulsor. And what is the best of all, it glows in the dark (for real!!)

Price: 12.99-13.99$

[Buy it at: Thinkgeek.com]

For Her

Love Poem

love poem t-shirt

If she uses Photoshop and is gamer.. this is a FTW gift!

Price: 18.99$

[Buy it at: Thinkgeek.com]

Plotting for your Heart

math heart plot t-shirt

This is just PURE AWESOMENESS !! Quite brilliant.. there should be a Cardioid t-shirt on Polar plot anywhere! xD

Price: 18.99$

[Buy it at: Thinkgeek.com]

For Both

8-Bit Dynamic Life

animated proximity love t-shirt

You will gain HP when are close to your lover.. cmon ! go and give him/her a hug ! :)

Price: 17.99-24.99$ Each (You need to buy 2 of them to make it work)

[Buy it at: Thinksgeek.com]

6) –> Gamer Forever !

nintendo NES brand new


What a better gift that an old Nintendo Entertainment System used but fully operational, just like new, refurbished by Nintendo specialists. If your lover old unit is faulty, lost, trashed, eaten by the dog, throwed to the pool, etc, this is the best Valentine’s day present. Add a second controller and maybe Battletoads game and you will have a lot of fun for both with this classic of all times.

Price: 59.99$

[Buy it at: Nintendorepairshop.com]

7) –> Books for you, bookworm!

A book it’s almost always welcome, here is a short lists of great books that represent a good gift for Valentine’s, enjoy and we hope this will save your day!

Star Wars Vehicles Cross-sections

complete star wars cross section book

This is a detailed and complete catalog of spacecraft and vehicles, just as a repair manual for cars do. It’s really really good, and goes from the analysis of the Death Star to the Anakin’s pod racer (how they work, how they looks like from the inside,etc). If there is a Star Wars lover.. it would love this one.. take my advice as guarantee.


[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

Lord of the Rings – 50th Anniversary Edition (Complete Saga)

the lord of the rings complete saga

A J.R.R Tolkien in a master piece all together saga.. Big epic deal


[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park book

Remember the movie from Steven Spielberg? i bet you do.. well this is where all begun, it’s the real novel of Jurassic Park, made by an excellent writer as it is Michael Crichton, also author of  E.R., Congo and Lost World (just to saying the most popular for tv shows and movies) all of them are his stories. The book is a little different from what happens in the movie, for good actually, it’s a great choice, and feel free to see others Crichton books as Andromeda Strain, Prey and Next.

Price: 7.99$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

8) –> Indie Games !

Now the video game industry is bigger than ever, but not all the company games are good (most of them are really lame). We present to you two little but awesome independent games. Worth playing!



Machinarium is a graphic adventure (as Monkey Island, Full throttle or Myst) that is about a girl robot that is kidnaped and trapped in the tallest tower of the junk city, and his partner has to save her. The music of this game is excellent and very immersive, with some techno bits and tribal rhythms for example. The graphic design its as gorgeous as its music. So If a game about love, a very good one. Feel free to play a little demo online on its web page.. I know you will be hooked for it.

Price: 20$

[Buy it at: Machinarium.net]

World of Goo

world of goo

This is a puzzle game where you used the goo or dirt on the sewers to make them go to the sewers system. You have different types of goo, that make different functions and help you with some various tasks, and best of all, is not as easy as you think it is in the beginning, so it assure you some good hours of fun. Quite good game with a lot of platforms available (Wii, Iphone, Ipod touch, Ipad, Pc, Linux, Mac).

Price: 20$

[Buy it at: Worldofgoo.com]

9) –> Cool Movies

This is a little options that are a must in all movie geek collection! if you know your lover doesn’t have any of these in any format.. this is a great opportunity to complete that empty spot.

Back to the Future: 25 Anniversary Trilogy

back to the future

Doc.. we have a great deal here..!! 1.21 Gigawatts of awesomeness !!

Price: 40.22$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

Monsters Inc.

monsters inc

Excellent pixar movies! One of our favorites! If you like animation, you’ll love this one.

Price: 29.99$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

Indiana Jones Complete Adventure Collection

Indiana Jones

The best archeologist of all times.. Dr Jones in a complete saga collection.

Price: 50.49$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

10) –> Gaming Music

Movie’s soundtrack are quite famous, but, what about games soundtrack’s? as with movies some of them are a state of an art, and some a state of a disaster. Here we present you some compilations of excellent games music that had been with you on your gameplay. Enjoy !!

Video Games Live

Video Games Live

This guys makes the video games music orchestrated,  if you like classical music and video games.. this is for you. There are 2 volumes, we recommend you to check the song list of both to see what of them do you prefered for the titles that are played there.

Price: 11.75$

[Buy it at: Amazon.com]

Echoes of War

Blizzard soundtrack Echoes of war

Blizzard games fan? if so don’t forget to listen to this jewel.. there are tracks of  Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft universe in this package. It’s quite good deal if you love Blizz, all orchestrated and with some great beats.

Price: 49.95$

[Buy it at: Blizzard.com]

We hope that this Top 10 Geek Gift has made your gift search a little easier and of course..  Valentine´s happier. Happy Valentine´s Day ! Love each other !


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