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Lego Star Wars guys making normal life activities

This is what happend when Lego Star Wars meet common life activities like walking the wookie, making a nice BBQ, some street art and even having a bad day with a girl.. check this great advertizing for Lego Star Wars overall merchandise.


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First In-Game Skyrim Footage Revealed (via Bits ‘n’ Bytes)

Ingame fotage of the new Elder Scroll game has been release!, read this article made by the people of Bits ‘n’ Bytes about the incoming game.. Skyrim..!! There is nothing better than Dragons and Vikings !! We will hope that the 11/11/11 comes fast enough ! Enjoy the video!


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The Simpson’s Real House

We are not obsess with the Simpsons, is a coincidence that just a week ago we have made the post about the Apus Real Kwik-E-Mart , and if you enjoy it, we have a very big deal this time.. The Simpson’s Family House! A real one.. with the same colors, rooms and details!! We have pics ! Check them out!

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World of Warcraft and other PC Games goes Mobile!

Pocket Pc

Do you want to play World of Warcraft or Dragon Age for example on a long train, metro or bus trip, but your laptop is too big for it? This concept  made by the people of Razer will blow your mind!

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Google’s newest project: a virtual museum visit

Hellow dear readers!

Of course its better to see a Live a sculpture or painting like The Birth of Venus on Florence, some Van Gogh or Rembrandt on Amsterdam or New York, but Google is making the Museum traveling a little easier to all with an excellent  culture promotion project like the Google Art Project.

See what is this about !

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The Eco-friendly Electronic brands ranking

GreenEco-friendly electronic brands rankingpeace made a rank of the 18 top manufacturers of personal computers, mobile phones, TVs and games consoles according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change, and this is the result!

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Apus Real Kwik-E-Mart

kwik e martWho said that the cartoons are not real? Of course they are, if not go and talk to Apu about that! The Famous Simpson’s Market is here.. ! Its a real shop on California ! Check some pictures of it!

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10 Cool Valentine’s geek gifts

Heart Love

Love is in the air!

Hellow Guyz !!

As you know, today is Valentine´s day! a day of love, friendship and boys gives presents to their girls and girls do the same with they loved boys. Well if you are someone who has a boy/girl that is a proud geek, and don’t know what to give to him/her, here we have a list of cool stuff that you can make as a present on this lovely day.

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