Angry Birds – Star Wars Gameplay

May the birds be with you !

Hellow dear readers! As the official release date for Agry Birds Star Wars is getting closer, we got a glimpse about the characters, and their special new abilities! Please enjoy all the videos that we got for you!

Enjoy ! and May the birds be with you !!

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Celebrating 50 years of the creation of the LED

Hellow Fellow Readers !! WOW it’s been really a while since we write a new post for you guyz. It always good to be back and specially when there is a celebration of 50 years of something, this time its about the invention of the LED. Do you know what it is? if not don´t worry and enjoy the ride.

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Fun Facts About the Space Shuttle – Infographic Monday

Space Shuttle Hellow dear followers! Yes it is Monday.. and it is time for the Infographic Monday of the week! Today we want to present some cool facts about the Space Shuttle vehicles. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the trip!.

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EXCLUSIVE: Batman The Dark Knigth Rises Trailer

Hellow Dear Readers !! How are you tonight?! This night is when the Dark Knight Rises! You can watch the REAL TRAILER in FULL HD of the incoming Batman Movie here! Enjoy!.

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A guide to the most famous Internet Memes – Infographic Monday

Hellow dear followers.. yeah.. that’s right.. it’s Infographic Monday !!! Today we have a subject just a little internet geek, it’s about the most famous memes that have been all over the web with the years.. i bet that you have seen Hitler blaming about the ban of his Xbox 360, the Ally McBeal’s dancing baby or the Star Wars kid !!. This chart gathers them from the first one to some of the latest! I hope that you enjoy, have a laugh and remember some of them like “OMG i remember that one ! :D”

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Analog Tetris

Hellow fellow gamer readers ! i bet that you have played Tetris at least once in your lifetime, but i doubt that you have made it in an “Analogic” way, without your computer, without electronic devices, check out what this guys from Spain had made with this classic game of all times!

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Famous Cars on Pixar’s Cars World

Hellow Watchers and Pixar lovers! What we got for you today is a great artwork to get some famous cars on movies or tv shows into the world of Pixar’s Cars! Enjoy them !!

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The Legend of Zelda: 3Ds trailer featuring Robin Williams

Hellow dear readers! we got for you today an amazing video game trailer about the incoming lauch of the remastered and reshaped version of a true classic of video games. No more than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, specially design for 3D on the Nintendo 3Ds. But what is so cool about this trailer? well the Actor Robin Williams is on it, and her daughter because she have a special connection with the game..! Find out what is it and don’t miss the trailer !

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